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the domain name "modell.com" is NOT for sale or transfer under any and all circumstances. Don't even ask.

If you got here looking for
Modell Agenturen,
you are most assuredly in the wrong place!
We are NOT a Model Agency, and certainly not a German or Scandenavian one!

Please report this error to the webmaster for the site with the link ASAP!
If you got here and you were looking for
Modell's Sporting Goods,
you really want to be here
If you got here and you were looking for
Modell Pawnbrokers & Jewelers,
you really want to be here
link for info on Modell
FAMILY in N.America
link for info on Modell
FAMILY in S.America
If you are named Model*, Modell or are related to Modells(Models), please have a look!
... and while you're at it, please modell e-addr drop us a line. There is also a "Modell Family" mailing list.

Click here to subscribe to it. (* My grandfather, it turns out, added the 2nd "L" to the last name. It was "Model" before that.)
Howard & Celia Modell
Howard and Celia Modell (photograph ©copyright the Modell Group, 2003-2010)
Howard S.Modell
Celia Modell
Beth Modell
Knight fighting Dragon
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Howard S. Modell Knight Errant, Mensa of Western WA, Univ. of Phoenix faculty member, Jeffersonian Conservative, Humanistic Judaism interests: Dungeons&Dragons, Terry Pratchett's "Discworld", Astro City, Stargate SG-1, Babylon 5, "Wild Cards", SPACE:1889, Star Trek, the Carpenters, Isaac Asimov , X-Men, the Tick , Fantastic 4.
Celia Modell Girl Scout Leader, Mensa of Western WA, Sunday School teacher. interests: pocket dragons, Stargate SG-1, Babylon 5, international standards, software metrics, mysteries, Star Trek.
Enterprise-F in Warp Drive
MWC banner Thinking Member of the
Mensans of the World Circle

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Celia's Hobbies:
GS Council Patch collecting
Quilting -- Celia's quilting blog

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