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Howard is the 4th child of Louis Michael (1919-1988) and Shirley (1920-1997) Modell. His elder siblings are Les, Anita, and Martin.
Martin (1942-2007) has a web page of his own. Marty's son, Micah, has a web site, too.
Les has a web page.
the Drexler Family at Lisa's wedding Here is a picture of Anita and her family, taken at her daughter's wedding.

Howard's grandparents are Celia Grabsky (1881-1954) and Elyia (Leon/Edward) Modell (1880-1954), and Nathan Lubin (Lubchansky) (1895-1978) and Bessie Lipschitz (1893-2000)/a>.
Elyia as a young man Howard's grandfather, Elyia/Leon/Edward Modell (1879 (Ukraine or Moldavia)-1954) was the oldest of 10 siblings. His brothers (not necessarily in order) were David(1883-?), Maucius (Maurice?)(1880-?), Emmanuel(1887-?), Isaiah(1881-?), Oleg(1882-?), and Simon(1884-?), and Boris(1888-1973). His sisters were Sara(1886-?) and Hanna.(1885-?) grandpa's brothers
5 of my great-uncles (including Boris)

Howard's great-grandparents were Samuel Modell-BerlinSamuel Model [1858 (in Russia/Poland-German Territories) - 1912 and Gertrude (aka Gnesiha) Berlin (1859 (in Russia/Poland-German Territories) - 1912). Samuel worked in his father-in-law's shipping business on the Rhine river.

Modell Cousins

Modell cousins: the Markmans
some of Howard's cousins.

standing, left-to-right: cousin Steve & Kathy ; Ricardo (Larry's friend); Burt (Bobbi's husband); Howard & Celia; Ed (Steve's cousin-in-law).
sitting, left-to-right: Aunt Esther; cousin Bobbi ; cousin Larry.

8 of the 13 3rd-generation cousins

8 of the 13 3rd-generation cousins
©copyright 2004-2005, Les D. Modell

more pictures from the 2004 reunion. ©copyright 2004-2005, Martin E. Modell

my Aunts Mildred and Esther and children
my aunt Mildred and her daughters Joyce and Sandy, and aunt Esther and her daughter, Bobbi. (missing are Mildred's daughter Naomi, and Esther's sons, Larry and Steve)
Naomi and children
My cousin Naomi, her son Tim, and her daughter Shannon.
aunt Ruth,Ralph III, and James
my late aunt Ruth and her sons, Ralph III and M.James.
Ralph Maxwell, Jr.
Ruth's husband, Uncle Ralph Maxwell, Jr.
Ralph Maxwell III
my cousin, Dr. Ralph Maxwell III
M.James and Ralph II, wives and kids
M.James & Sherry Maxwell; Ralph II and Barbara Maxwell. Also pictured are Jeremy and Nathan, Jim and Sherry's sons. (Aug.'84)
Dierdre Maxwell (1970)
Ralph III and Jim's sister, Diedre (circa 1970)
Zinovy Model, Samuel's nephew
Zinovy and Nadhezda Model.
Zinovy is son of Joseph Model, great-grandpa Samuel's brother.
Alexander Model, Zinovy's son
Alexander Model, Zinovy's son.
Mike Model, Alexander's son
Mike Model, Alexander's son.
Alla Model, Mike's wife, and son Tim and daughter Ellen
Mike's wife, Alla, son Tim, and daughter Ellen

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