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Modell Family Crest
Modell family history

the Family CREST

Blazon of Arms:  argent, three roses gules, stalke and leaved vert, in chief 
                    two axes in saltaire azure, handles in base or.

translation: Argent (white) symbolizes the Moon, and denotes Purity, Innocence, Integrity, Eloquence and Obedience. The rose, first cultivated by the Romans, symbolizes Beauty and Everlasting Love.

early Family HISTORY

transcription of words on "Family Name History" document

The German family name MODELL is classified as being of personal name origin. According to scholars the "oldest and most pervasive type of surname is that derived from a given name". Such family names may be derived from a parental first name or from the font name of the grandfather or indeed a more remote ancestor of the original bearer of the surname. With regard to the family name MODELL, it indicates "son of Model", a variant of the Old High German "Muodilo", which is , in turn, a double diminutive of various compound first names derived from the Old High German "muot", meaning "desire, wish". Variants of the surname MODELL include Model, Mudel, Mottel, and Muttl. One of the earliest references to this name or to a variant is a record of one Berthold Model, who is listed as a citizen of Reutlingen in documents from 1291. Balthasar and Martha Model are mentioned in records from Goldlauter, Saxony, in 1561 and Andreas Modell, son of Andreas Modell and Anna Himmer, was born in Geisingen, Villingen, Baden, on October 29th, 1678, and their daughter, Anna Maria, was born on July 15th, 1706. Christoph Modell married Margaretha Buerglin, also in Geisingen, on October 17th, 1690. The wedding of Dominicus Model and Maria Barbara Feuerstein took place in Waldsee, Wurttemberg, on January 29th, 1757 and Christian Model, son of Christoph Model, was born in Loyen, East Prussia, in 1764. Nineteenth century records document the marriage of Carl Modell to Dorothea Hermann which event took place in a Catholic Church in Freiburg, Baden, on the 15th of May, 1879.

There is also an entry on "Model" in the Encyclopedia Judaica.

I don't know of any connection to us, but there is a Modell Township in Norton County, KS (PO est. 3-21-1878 (105 years to the day prior to my wedding day); PO discontinued 7-17-1882(107 years to the day before my dad died!!). There is a cemetery there.

Modell "clans": (distant) relatives-that-might-be

In the years in which I've been looking for relatives, I have encountered a number of individuals who all share the surname Modell (or a variant). Some of the Modell Clans are:

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